“The word Atma means ‘self’, and the word Ananda means ‘bliss’. No one has the power to give you bliss, only you can elevate yourself to total self­ bliss." That is Yoga for me. by Francesca B.

About the class

The class features the intentional movement, strengthening, and stretching of fast paced,

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout within a power yoga class. The class will begin with power yoga to warm up your body. Then, an integration series will engage the muscles and align your upper body, lower body and core.

The movements create presence in your body and a FUN environment where anything is possible!

The sequence will always include strength-building, agility and cardio. 

The class ends with a cool down that allows you to actively recover from your training.  


We use the breath and attention to detail as the foundation of the flow to develop a healthy yoga practice that can last for a lifetime. The most important element of the Yoga practice is the physical alignmentThe appropriate placing of the feet and hands and engaging the right muscles play a crucial role in protecting the joints and gently guiding the body deeper into the poses. 


We believe that through learning proper alignment our bodies will begin to safely open and through practicing a consistent sequence, rather than looking around to see the next pose we will begin to move internally quieting our minds.


ALL LEVELS (maybe a challenge if you are new to working out).


For me Yoga isn't just practicing Asanas. It is a moving meditation – a wonderful balance for your body and soul and a way to your inner self with several aspects of Iyengar Yoga, a style with a therapeutic approach and really strict alignment.