"Yoga is the relationship to the true self and the awareness of your thoughts."

Francesca has her professional background in hotel management, event & marketing and private aviation. Today she found her perfect balance between working above 10.000 miles as a corporate flight attendant and on ground as a  yoga teacher.


In 2010 she started with Iyengar Yoga in India, a style with a therapeutic approach and really strict alignment. Further than she kept on looking for her right alignment as she found it in New York with Atmananda Yoga.


Francesca`s course is a juicy mix of laughter, learning and strengthening.

She focus on alignment and the correct breathing of each student.


Yoga isn't just practicing Asanas. It is a moving meditation – a wonderful balance for your body and soul and a way to your inner self.


"Move a muscle and change a feeling“.

Yoga is a WORK IN, not just a WORK OUT.

                                      - Francesca B.- 


Certified Yoga Teacher specified under Yoga Alliance guidelines

  • 200hrs Atmananda Yoga Sequence in  New York
  • 100hrs Vinyasa Power Yoga in  Germany
  • Master of Reiki, 1st and 2nd degree in Germany
  • Thai Yoga Bodywork, to be continued in Germany

TEACHING STYLE : Intense, Inspiring, Empowering


ON ROTATION : Florence + The Machine, Rufus du Sol, Mumford & Sons, Fleetwood Mac, Moby